3 Ways Vertical Blinds Become Damaged

Vertical blinds refer to any type of blind which goes up and down instead of the more traditional side to side. These pieces are beautiful and functional. They can add style and class to any room in your home while simultaneously serving the purpose of keeping out excess light and providing extra privacy.

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Unfortunately, like all other things, blinds can become damaged, leading you to need vertical blind repair Las Vegas. You may wonder how they can become damaged if all they do is cover your windows. Here are just three examples to give you an idea of what we mean.

1: Kids and Pets

As adorably wonderful as kids and pets are, they are the primary culprits when vertical blinds become damaged. They do not have the same restraint as an adult person would have, so they tend to not think things through before acting. Throwing rocks in the house? Brought in the water hose? Dog try to eat the blinds? Cat think they were the perfect climbing spot? Yeah, it happens.

2: Time

As your vertical blinds get older, they will start to show normal signs of wear and tear. The sun, in fact, can eventually wear away at your blinds overtime to cause weak spots that are easily torn. This is particularly true if you prefer cloth blinds to the more common plastic ones. Dust particles can also leave microscopic tears which, over an extended period, can add to the deterioration.

3: Storms

Unfortunately, storm damage does happen. Thankfully, this damage is usually restricted to outside our homes. There are times when internal damage might be seen, however. If your window breaks from flying debris, for example, your blinds will undoubtedly be damaged. Water could leak inside the windows, thus causing water damage.