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Motivating Quartz As The Better Kitchen Countertop Option

quartz countertops St. louis

In this short summary, you are only given three choices. When planning your kitchen remodeling project, you can pick and choose between three durable materials. You can choose the natural granite slab, or you can choose the far cheaper option of laminated surfaces. The problem with laminating your kitchen countertops is that you always have to be cautious in the way you handle your sharp kitchen knives.

And with granite again, you still have to be careful. Do not be too free and easy with your knives just because you are working with natural stone. Just remember that direct contact with the slab can easily blunt your knives. A similar degree of caution will be required if you decide to make the better choice of selecting from a variety of quartz countertops St. louis styles and colors. Again, the quartz material does not do you any favors where judicious use of sharp knives is concerned.

Online shopping is fabulously convenient these days, but when it comes to shopping for kitchen countertops, it is highly recommended that you take part in the popular weekend pastime of visiting the slab or rock quarries yourself. That way you get a good feel, quite literally so, of the multitude of choice materials and colors you are faced with. But when it comes to using quartz, it does have one stand out feature that goes beyond the use of natural stone.

Quartz is a man-made property, and in the process of fabricating these slabs deliberate advantage has been taken of the materials that non-porous properties possess that allow it to be anti-bacterial. That is good news for the busy kitchen where food for consumption is being prepared each and every day. Enjoy your shopping.