That Moment When You Realize You Have Locked Yourself Out

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It is one of the most embarrassing and awkward moments of any person’s life. You can hardly scale the walls of your apartment building to reach a window, the moment you realize that you may just have left your front door key inside when you rushed off to work that morning. Knocking in a window after you realize you have lost both your front and backdoor key at the same time – what are the odds of that happening – does not seem to be a good idea either.

And what a bother when you see the key to your car still in its ignition slot by the time you have returned to the parking lot from your weekend mall jaunt. What to do now? How to get the ruddy thing out? Break the car window? No, not a good idea either. And so-called good Samaritans with coat hanger wires – amazing, they always seem to have these handy, ever wondered why – are in fact quite useless. More damage done than good.

Round about this time of awkwardness and severe embarrassment, the locksmith Virginia beach specialist is about your best bet. He has got keys that fit all sorts of wonders. He has been to every single parking lot imaginable. He never needs to climb walls because he has just the right fit for your front door. He remembered to bring his torch because by this time he is quite used to nighttime duty. It would be too easy for him to scold you to not do this again, never be so clumsy and forgetful, but where would that leave him.

It is not as though he willfully wants you to go and lose your keys. He does have a job that just happens to come in times of urgent need.